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A Brief History of Catering All Over The World

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The Origin of Catering

In order to understand how catering began, we have to go back to the 4th millennium BC in old China. In those early days, the Chinese had special inns where people could check in and get served. The idea of providing food services among the Chinese was consistent with their tradition of being kind to strangers.

History teaches us that unique aspects of catering were also practiced in ancient Egypt and parts of Greece. The Egyptians relied on slaves to provide food services. The Greeks and the Romans were among the earliest people to give catering a commercial touch. They provided unique services that attracted soldiers, individuals, and groups.

How Catering Transformed

The gradual transformation of catering into the practice as we know it today began in Roman times around 4000 BC. The clients were mainly Roman soldiers, monasteries, and pilgrims. The services continued to transform in both quality and nature of service from the middle ages. Eating and drinking took place in the hostels, inns, and motels.

During the reign of Charlemagne, catering flourished significantly as men and women of honor began appreciating the unique kind of relaxation and the spirit of hospitality, which hallmarked the services. The beginning of the monetary economy and the emergence of the bourgeoises class helped to uplift the prominence of catering.

Catering in Germany and France

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Around the 14th and 15th centuries, the Germans started taking a serious interest in the practice of being a caterer. The popularity grew sharply as the number of operators and the client base increased significantly. German legislators passed laws for regulating beer and food as the popularity of the services continued to grow around the cities.

In the 18th century, France witnessed a rapid growth in restaurants following the closure of caterer guilds. The aristocracy had fallen after the French revolution and the people who had operated the guilds switched to top-class restaurants to continue providing unique cater services to the citizenry.

Brief History of Catering in America

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The end of the Second World War marked the beginning of catering in the United States. Many American businessmen that had provided food supplies to the servicemen had to embrace catering as an alternative way of staying in business after the war. The growth of the economy spurred the investors to increase their presence across the cities.

Previously, the services had been preserved for the rich alone, but now the average Americans had become sufficiently wealthy to spend their money on food services. The development of technology and transport systems provided synergies for the advancement of food services across the states. Today, the US enjoys a robust and dynamic catering culture.

Catering around the World

The culture has now reached every corner of the globe as small, middle-sized, and large businesses continue to give the service an ultramodern dimension. Food firms have moved from their traditional zones to provide first-rate services to corporate clients, airports, schools, funerals, and other outdoor events.

A clear emphasis on quality and convenience has been the major trend witnessed in both the developed and the developing world. The capacity to provide mobile services and to increase the range of options has led to the continued growth in preference for food services.

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